DreamBites are a Shameless Chef creation. We bake the cake, destroy the cake, and in the process reinvent not only the food, but also the person making it. The end result? Love. Bite-sized pieces of love! We carefully and lovingly repurpose the cake and turn it into dozens of hand-rolled, individually dipped cake bites, or as we like to call them, DreamBites! A simple, rich and decadent treat, that is small enough to minimize guilt, but tasty enough to maximize joy. DreamBites were designed with you in mind. They should be shamelessly devoured in just one to two bites.

For those who are tired of shelling out too much dough for one dry, over-frosted, under-par cupcake that results in guilt and shame and more hours at the gym, it's time to try a DreamBite.*

Warning: Some people have found it impossible to eat only one DreamBite.



DreamBites are lovingly hand-crafted by local staff in a process overseen by Sandie Diamond (AKA The Shameless Chef). The Shameless Chef provides employment opportunities and job training for people living in the DC area who struggle with self-sufficiency and other barriers that limit opportunities. Their work at Union Kitchen provides them with a unique chance to be part of a thriving entrepreneurial environment which often leads to creative collaborations inside the kitchen! Choosing DreamBites also means choosing to support these individuals who are finding new hope and meaning in their lives. We believe that without community we are lost! Each day we strive to rebuild ours, one DreamBite at a time.



Please call us at: 202-417-7445 or email: chef@shamelesschef.com